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    • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got an Upgrade!

      We are delighted to inform you that MK.IO, your video streaming platform, now offers support for Asset Filters. These filters empower you to dynamically modify the output in your HLS and DASH manifests. Currently, you have the flexibility to filter tracks
    • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got Better: Check It Out!

      We're delighted to introduce a range of exciting new features that have recently been added to MK.IO, MediaKind’s latest encoding and streaming platform. Content Key Policies for Enhanced Control With Content Key Policies, you now have robust control
    • (Beta) Content Key Policies Enabled in MK.IO

      MK.IO now supports the following protection schemes: AES-128, ClearKey, and industry grade multi-DRM options like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Access control can be managed by authorizing users based on claims in JWT tokens.
    • (BETA) Video On Demand (VOD) Processing is now Available in MK.IO!

      You are now able to test VoD processing! Head on over to to give it a try!
    • MK.IO Launch

      The moment has arrived! MK.IO, YOUR Microsoft Azure Video Streaming Platform is Live! Building on more than 1 billion video streams served by MediaKind in 2022 and 2023, MK.IO delivers live and VOD streaming with broadcast quality, always-on reliability,