Dynamic Packaging Considerations

Dynamic Packaging Considerations

I need to better understand the MKIO dynamic packaging capabilities.

When I encode and get locator paths it returns one HLS and DASH locator path:


My first question is, are these the only format specifiers supported?

Our client applications currently use the following:

There have been some client platforms that were still only utilizing HLS V 3. In any case, we have to handle a bunch of client changes if these specifiers are not supported. Is there HLS V3 support? Are these specifiers supported?

In addition, Roku's native player would play HLS streams without a ".m3u8" file extension. With AMS we were able to just add this extension to the URL and the media server would ignore it and work appropriately. Here is an example:

Is ignoring this file extension also possible with MKIO?

It would be good to have the formats supported with specifiers documented. I am also curious if smooth streaming support will make it into MKIO, as I believe there is still a significant delivery base with other clients.

Thank you!

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