In the Community: .NET SDK for MK/IO

In the Community: .NET SDK for MK/IO

I am looking to migrate our existing encoding workflows written in .NET for AMS with the Azure SDK to MK/IO. I believe there aren't any internal plans to develop an SDK but I have some questions related to this (I apologize, there are actually multiple).

  1. The existing Azure SDK for AMS has a CloudMediaContext takes in the URI of the API server. It seems possible, given that MK/IO is replicating the REST API, it might be possible to just change this parameter. I understand there may be difficulty in authentication or other parts of Azure's architecture, but it is worth checking as this could be the fastest route for many existing AMS users. Will this be possible?
  2. The second best option would be to try and at least stub out a .NET client using a generator with Open API (Swagger). Is the MK/IO API using Open API? If not, Microsoft does expose this, how closely will the REST APIs match?
  3. Is anyone else working on or interested in working on a .NET MK/IO SDK library (preferably C#)?
For any new .NET SDK for MK/IO, it would be great to have something that replicates the existing SDK as much as possible to minimize migration time.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome,


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