How to add storage account in MK/IO

How to add storage account in MK/IO

In this article, we will describe the steps to follow when you need to add the storage account, hosting all your AMS assets, in MK/IO.
2 main steps will happen:

1. Get your Storage Account access information:
     Follow the Step1 instructions of this documentation to generate the sas token.
     At the end of this step you will have your:
                  a. Storage Account URL: https://<storage-name>
                  b. SAS token: ?sv=& [...] &sig=signature>

2. Add Storage Account in MK/IO:
Once logged in your MK/IO account, navigate on the left panel to Storage Accounts.
Once here, click on the top right button: Add Storage Account
A new panel slides from the right and here is the info that needs to be provided:
    a. Name: make sure the name of this storage account is the same name of your storage account in Azure, from the Storage Account URL from point 1 above (i.e. if your Storage Account URL is, use companyname on this field.)
    b. Description: this field is optional, you can add some short description that will be visible later in Storage Accounts section of MK/IO.
    c. URL: URL of the Storage Account without any trailing slash at the end, i.e. :
    c. SAS token: use the SAS token collected on first step of this article following this format: ?sv=& [...] &sig=signature>

Finally click on Submit (at the bottom) and your storage account will be added to your MK/IO account.
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