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How to find MK.IO Customer ID and Subscription ID

This article will describe the step by step on how to find the Customer ID and Subscription ID

Below are the instructions to find the customer id:
  1.  Login to the MK/IO portal
  2. Choose your subscription.
  3. Open setting and click on profile settings.
  4.  You can see the Customer id highlighted in the below picture.

Below are the instructions to find the Subscription id:
  1. Login to the MK/IO portal 
  2. Once logged, open another tab in the same browser you are using.
  3. Try this URL<CUSTOMER ID>/subscriptions/ in the new tab  (to get the CUSTOMER ID you can follow the initial steps in this Article)
  4. In the response you can see in the metadata - " id " that will have your subscription ID:


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