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    • Recent Topics

    • .NET SDK for MK I/O

      I am looking to migrate our existing encoding workflows written in .NET for AMS with the Azure SDK to MK I/O. I believe there aren't any internal plans to develop an SDK but I have some questions related to this (I apologize, there are actually multiple).
    • Asset Name doesn't support spaces in the path

      I am trying to copy over assets from AMS using the same asset names we used. It seems that MK I/O API does not support spaces, like AMS. Instead, it throws a 404 response. I have tried URL path encoding (replacing space with %20) and this doesn't resolve
    • Your MK/IO Experience Just Got an Upgrade!

      We are delighted to inform you that MK/IO, your video streaming platform, now offers support for Asset Filters. These filters empower you to dynamically modify the output in your HLS and DASH manifests. Currently, you have the flexibility to filter tracks
    • Your MK/IO Experience Just Got Better: Check It Out!

      We're delighted to introduce a range of exciting new features that have recently been added to MK/IO, MediaKind’s latest encoding and streaming platform. Content Key Policies for Enhanced Control With Content Key Policies, you now have robust control
    • MKPlayer React TypeScript Sample

      I'm looking for sample code for MKPlayer React TypeScript. Is there documentation somewhere?
    • For setting up a clear key using JWT tokens

      Hello, Content playback using the ClearStreamingOnly policy was successful. But, creating a content key policy with a clear key and then playing back the content results in an error. The version of MKPlayer I am using is v1.6.0. The source displayed in
    • How to use Mediakind API

      Hello, I would like to know how to use the Mediakind API. I am referring to the API reference page, but the destination is "". How do I create a URL to use the API? Do I need a token for authentication?
    • "Delete Asset" API call does not delete container

      Hello, I am trying the API for Asset deletion. The reference includes the following statement: When you delete an asset, the underlying storage container will be deleted
    • AMS Parity SDK

      The MK/IO marketing suggests that current encoding and streaming workflows developed against the AMS V3 SDK will basically only need URL changes. However I am not seeing this parity yet in MK/IO. Can you give me a timeline for when this AMS like SDK will
    • Job Progress Events

      My company relies on the AMS EventGrid events for job progress and status. How will this work with MK/IO ?
    • Job Output Container Name

      When using the API to create a job, is there any way to specify the output storage container name? And if not, how do you discover the container name since it is not returned in the job create response.
    • API Swagger

      Is there a swagger page available for us to use code gen?
    • Thumbnail and Video Transforms

      We currently create both a thumbnail asset and a video asset per transform as part of each of our AMS jobs. Will this be supported with the MK/IO sdk ?
    • Encoding Transform Presets

      It would be helpful to know the configuration of the current encoding transform presets. For me, I specifically need the H264MultipleBitrate1080p to assess it against our needs. Thank you!
    • Asset migration via portal

      My company has a portion of their streaming AMS assets in subfolders under a parent blob container i.e. ams1videostash_container/asset-0019d3ce-3166-4947-9d17-132e4a9752b3 When I attempt to migrate the asset via the "Migrate Asset" button I get this error:
    • (Beta) Content Key Policies Enabled in MK/IO

      MK/IO now supports the following protection schemes: AES-128, ClearKey, and industry grade multi-DRM options like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Access control can be managed by authorizing users based on claims in JWT tokens.
    • About Storage Account API URL Values

      I want to use Storage Account API. However, I don't know the values of "customer_id" and "subscription_id" on API Reference page. What pages do I have
    • (BETA) Video On Demand (VOD) Processing is now Available in MK/IO!

      You are now able to test VoD processing! Head on over to to give it a try!
    • Support for onboarding

      Hi team, I have few questions, please find them below. Please provide an end-to-end workflow with what API to be used at each step. List of regions the Product is currently available and any road map to the deployment to all other azure regions. Any ETA
    • MK/IO in the Market Place

      Head on over to Azure Market place to sign up for MK/IO!
    • Bulk Migration Script

      I am checking in on the migration script to bring in all assets from an existing AMS in bulk. I was told this was in progress and just want to find out the status. Thank you, Justin
    • CDN Support

      We are currently using the premium CDN with our streaming endpoints all managed through the AMS portal including CDN access rules and token authentication. As part of your AMS parity plan, do you intend to provide the same feature?
    • API

      There does not appear to be an API to manage encoding workflows. The AMS concepts listed in the documentation is clear but i do not see a way to programmatically create Transforms and submit jobs or publish Assets. Is this something that is coming later.
    • AMS Transition

      Hi, My assets (videos and images) are in Azure Storage. Do we need to reupload the assets with MK APIs? If we can reuse the assets, would it be possible to just map the existing streaming URLs to new URLs. Thanks
    • Which (kind of) account should make the subscription to MK/IO in the Azure Marketplace

      I have a concern about which account should make the subscription to your service in the Azure Marketplace. In my case, I have my own Azure Account, but my role is a developer, per this instruction Migrate your Azure Media Services assets (
    • MK/IO Launch

      The moment has arrived! MK/IO, YOUR Microsoft Azure Video Streaming Platform is Live! Building on more than 1 billion video streams served by MediaKind in 2022 and 2023, MK/IO delivers live and VOD streaming with broadcast quality, always-on reliability,
    • What is MK/IO?

      MK/IO is a high-performance, API-driven video infrastructure, ideal for building modern video applications and running streaming media services. Our focus is to help you deliver great video to your viewers, make your operations and processes more efficient,
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    • How to use MK/IO APIs - step by step

      This article will describe the step by step on how to use MKIO APIs documented here: As you already know, you can use APIs to automate the process of different tasks, in MKIO world they can be ...
    • How to login to support portal and submit a Ticket?

      1. Hit the URL 2. Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on Submit a ticket. 3. Click on Sign In using as shown below: 4. Sign in with your live account. 5. Once you are signed in, you can click on ...
    • MediaKind Support Hotline for Critical and Emergency

      Kindly use appropriate IVR Options to reach MediaKind Support Team
    • Add Users to Existing Subscription

      As an admin of MK/IO application you may want to add additional users to your subscription. To do this have the user must first log into first. The user would see this screen, as expected as they have not been added to ...
    • How to add storage account in MK/IO

      In this article, we will describe the steps to follow when you need to add the storage account, hosting all your AMS assets, in MK/IO. 2 main steps will happen: 1. Get your Storage Account access information: Follow the Step1 instructions of this ...